About us

Our company, EUBAU GmBH is a dynamically developing private enterprise, specialized in building smart homes and installing solar systems. Our professional team has installed nearly 400 MW photovoltaic systems.

We have worked in several European countries - UK, Italy, Germany, France, Corsica, the Netherlands, Belgium - for full satisfaction of our customers.

Quality work, reasonable prices

If you want to build a smart home, it is the place, where you can get everything. EUBAU GmbH provides a full range of services including design, complete building, doors and windows, high quality custom-made furniture. Our company also undertakes the design and installation of photovoltaic systems in houses, office buildings, parking (car port), on properties (mini solar power plant).

" We are committed to providing a high quality to all of our customers - at very favourable prices. Test us!"

Smart homes give you not only security, but also all the benefits of modern technology. Sun will give your money back!

Quick work, extended warranty

Our team consisting of nearly 60 experts, operate in different fields by helping to find any solution. Our professional team are at your disposal to offer you the following services:

  • Design, construction of smart homes,
  • Design and installation of solar system (on solar parks, mini power plants, for household and industrial consumers),
  • bricklaying,
  • hard and "warm" finish,
  • design of electrical systems,
  • water supply pipe installation,
  • interior design (3D design, custom furniture),
  • carpentry and joinery,
  • equipment usage.

Service quality and customer satisfaction are very important to us. We offer a 3-5 year warranty for construction works, and - depending on the manufacturer - up to a 20-25-year warranty for the manufacture.

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