Smart homes

Do you want a home which manages the efficient use of energy instead of you? If yes, we give you a solution.

Our company undertakes smart home's design, complete construction including the engineering and electronic control systems, but also the entire furnishings at your request. Thanks to our professional experience in construction, insulation and renewable energy production, your smart home will be built quickly at a good price. Nature working together with your smart home will save your budget.

What is smart home?

Smart home means a set of complete operating systems, which is responsible for the advanced energy management as well as provides comfort as a single, well-coordinated unit in your home:

  • controlling light,
  • controlling heating,
  • moving the shutters,
  • controlling ventilation,
  • operating garage doors,
  • regulating garden sprinkler system,
  • controlling light switches,
  • alarm control

The control is done with touch screen, touch-switch, remote control or via the Internet with a PC, laptop, notebook, smartphone. Control your house even thousands of kilometers from home.

Why choose EUBAU?

Our experts have widespread professional knowledge in the field of design, building construction, insulation and renewable energy sources. Several years of experience in construction, close and good collaboration with our suppliers ensure the high quality, and competitive price.

Have any question?

Our customer's satisfaction is very important to us. Contact us, we will help you design and construct your smart home!


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